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**Some of Our Stars**
In no particular order...
CH Saroko Sianna of Tyjunsee
Blue Point Siamese Female
Sire: GC RW Klazeekats SouthernSpirit of Saroko
Dam: GC Saroko Princess Grace
CH Tyjunsee's Kiera, DM
Sianna's our first show/breeding cat.  She is spayed now but the whole family agrees that she's a
"keeper".  She gave us many beautiful kittens.  Her off-spring include 3 Grands and a female (Kiera) who
was awarded CFA's Distinguished Merit award.  A huge thank you to Bob Koestler of Saroko Cattery for
allowing us to have Sianna!  She is a joy and still likes to help take care of kittens....mostly her
Blue Point Siamese Female
Sire: GC Gimsin BlackDiamond of Blue Isles
Dam: CH Saroko Sianna of Tyjunsee
Kiera is our first "home-bred" queen from our very first litter of
kittens.  She produced 6 grands and has Jacob company.  Although
they never had a litter together, they have become very good
friends.  When she's away from Jacob she still follows me around
like a shadow:)  
Blue Point Siamese Female
Sire:  CH Pharoahsgems Jacob of Tyjunsee
Dam:  CH Saroko Sianna of Tyjunsee
Seal Point Siamese Female
Sire:  GC, RW Blue Isles JimmyBuffett of Tyjunsee
Dam:  CH Melkatz Me-O-Myah of Tyjunsee

Seal Point Female
Sire:  GC, RW Blue Isles JimmyBuffet of Tyjunsee
Dam:  CH, GP Lilla B Diamondsragirlsbestfriend (Princess)
Seal Point Siamese Male
Sire: CH Caru Rum Runner of Blue Isles
Dam:  GC Blue Isles Aruba
GC Tyjunsee's Priscilla Sukai
GC,RW BlueIsles JimmyBuffettofTyjunsee DM
CH Tyjunsee Margarita'Ville (Rita)
GC Tyjunsee Princess Shizuka